Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I miss babysitting

Babysitting. I havent babysat in soooo long. I wish I still did. Its so fun. The only time ever get to babysit is at the church, and that's not as fun, because most of the kids are older and want to do crazy things like squirt me with a water gun, then when I tell them no, they turn around and whisper behind my back, calling me a "mean babysitter." It was fun. But I miss babysitting like 2 or 3 kids...and playing with them. It was fun. The only bummer now would be that most times parents need a babysitter in the evening, and that coincides with DDR nites...sooo yeah. There would be conflict there.

There was a babysitting opportunity posted on the career center bulletin board at school, but that also coincided with my job. Blah. Babysitting would have been more fun. But definitely more stressful, or energy-sucking. Definitely energy-sucking. But it would have been fun nonetheless!

Well this screen has been sitting here for a while.....waiting for me to type more. But nothing is happening. So thats it for this blog. Over and out.